Friday, 26 June 2009


the best thing to do when measuring for carpet or flooring is to draw out on a piece of paper a blueprint of all the perspective areas you are going to carpet. Don’t worry about measurements at the moment this will come later. Just draw the areas roughly to the shape they are it does not have to be too in depth just a rough shape will do if you have stairs draw them as a long rectangular shape and write the excact amount of stairs make sure you map the rooms and the stairs like a blueprint so it looks like a bird's eye viewnow you have decided what carpet or flooring you want and are happy with your floor plan you can now start to measure the rooms etc. When measuring it is very important to measure the biggest point so be sure you measure right into doorways as this is what most people over look. Just take your time to look in the room and be sure you have allowed for all the areas in the room. Most carpet is 4 and 5 meters in width so take this into account ie.where joins will go if needed or how much excess will there be to do other areas. Draw arrows on your plans to which way the material will go this will make it easier when working out what size material you will how have all you measurement and plans for you carpet start to work out what cuts of carpet you will need, start with the largest cuts of carpet, work out if any of the rooms have any excess and work out if this waste will be useable in any other flooring areas i.e. stairs, landing or even seams .again always remember it all must run the same way it’s no good having a big of cut from a room that runs a different way. when estimating how much material you will need to take your time as this is the point where errors will cost you pounds if in doubt call professional carpet installers a lot of companies will plan and estimate your job for free